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This PhD thesis engages with the ways in which learning and teaching takes place in art and design classrooms. To this end, it analyses the emergence of academic and knowledge disciplines we have inherited from modernity. It aims at providing an understanding of the dichotomies and splits such as those that divide reason from intuition, science from art, or emotion from the intellect, and the consequences these have in the current education system. Inspired by the work of Manning and Massumi, it explores forms of knowledge in action, capable of integrating creativity, presence, movement and undisciplined pedagogical practices. This practice-based research combines an interest in vitalist and materialist philosophies (Whitehead, Stengers or Braidotti) with critical and experience-based pedagogies (Wild, Masschelein and Simons or Contreras).


To this end, the author has developed a set of epistemic prototypes and pedagogical experiments with which she aims at opening up spaces in which knowledge can be liberated from modern epistemological categories. Experimental pedagogies, weird epistemologies, research methods, material experimentation, creativity. PDF

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