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I was born on February 14, 1978 with the sun in Aquarius and the moon in Taurus. 

I studied Fine Arts (UB, Barcelona - ENSBA, Paris), a MA of Theory and Criticism of Contemporary Art (UB, Barcelona) and a Phd in Educational Innovation and Intervention (UVIC-UCC, Vic). I worked for fourteen years in the field of international fashion in press, consultancy and communication.

I am an interdisciplinary creator. Colour, movement, sound, writing, teaching and geometry are my fields of experimentation and transformation. 

I am an art and design teacher and pedagogical researcher at Bau, Design College of Barcelona, where I had been its BA Design course leader and Pedagogical Director for more than ten years, and where I am currently a member of the Pedagogical Board. 

I am co-creator and pedagogical advisor for the Espai Aigua school project, where I provide support in the creation of undisciplined practices and in the teachers learning program. Together with Cris Garcia we explore new practices at the Pedagogical Laboratory based on neurodivergences, gender perspective and creativity in education.

I am a teacher, performer and pedagogical researcher of the Keep Moving Method project created by Mercedes Boronat. We explore how to tune your creative intelligence through movement and any expressive media. I am pedagogical advisor for the MA "Creative Intelligence. A New Quantum Training Program". 

I'm artist and researcher of the Research Unit Institute of Political Materialities (IMP) at BAU Research, a space born to welcome and promote research and experimentation that accompanies those communities of practice that explore the limits and crossings between design, pedagogy, art, politics, the social, the sciences and contemporary thought. We collaborate with entities such as ABD, Diputació de Barcelona, Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down, or CRAG (Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics) in projects such as Mamalyona, LGTBI+ Pedagogical Innovation, Tècniques creatives per créixer, or the Erasmus + Fashion for Inclusion.

I read my PhD thesis "Knowledge in action. Undisciplined pedagogical practices" in the program of Innovation and Educational Intervention (UVIC-UCC). The research, based on pedagogical experiments and methodological challenges, asks about the disciplinary boundaries and the ways of learning/teaching that take place in art and design studies. To this end, it analyses the emergence of academic and knowledge disciplines we have inherited from modernity. It aims at providing an understanding of the dichotomies and splits such as those that divide reason from intuition, science from art, or emotion from the intellect, and the consequences these have in the current education system. It explores forms of knowledge in action, capable of integrating creativity, presence, movement and undisciplined pedagogical practices.

My life is surrounded by wise and creative women with whom I explore material, emotional, energetic, intellectual and spiritual spaces.

Montse Casacuberta, Emma Llorente, Laura Tordera, Mercedes Boronat, Mariona Garcia, Cristina García, Isabelle Bazsó, Mireia Petitpierre, Elisenda Fontarnau,  Carla Jané, and, of course, my mother Esther Banqué and my daughter Clara. 

I study and practice Seitai where I have had the privilege of learning directly from the master Mercè Blanco.

I have created CREARE a Center for Educational and Creative Practices, an holistic pedagogical support where creative processes become the centre of our teaching and learning practices. 

Creative practices are where I embody my know in the act.

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