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Interdisciplinary creator.
Creative manager.
Pedagogical consultant specialized in creativity and education.
Teacher and practitioner of color, movement, drawing, writing, design and other expressive and communicative languages that allow us to connect with our inner potential in order to expand and develop ourselves.
I lead people and organizations to do and be as the best version of themselves.

I studied BA in Fine Arts (UB, Barcelona - ENSBA, Paris), MA in Theory and Criticism of Contemporary Art (UB, Barcelona), MA in Creative Intelligence (Mercedes Boronat) and Phd in Educational Innovation (UVIC-UCC, Vic). 

I have a rich experience in team leadership, design of educational programs, curriculum deployment, assistance to pedagogical innovation in schools, universities, social projects and innovation programs in non-formal education.

I am a teacher with more than 25 years of experience and vocational practice, I enjoy guiding students, teachers, social groups and corporations.

I work with my creative intelligence, a state that allows me to make new connections, make decisions with coherence and have the courage to go beyond my limitations to materialize new forms with meaning. 

I know how to create big realities starting from very small principles, since I constantly practice attention to details. I have an altruistic, communitarian and very futuristic vision, I am bored by static structures. I am passionate in listening, communicating and putting my mind, intuition and sensibility at the service of people, knowledge, projects and organizations. I have been always willing to learn what I don't know, with a lot of will and internal discipline. If I see it clearly, I am very determined to go ahead with new challenges.

To me, teaching is an art and my driving force is to participate in a pedagogical re-evolution, bringing creativity to education in a clear and radical way.

During my professional career I have managed to launch innovative projects and make them scale, leading teams, organizations and institutions to grow in resources and vision in order to position them in the educational field, providing them prestige and differentiation.

I am currently collaborating and participating in the following projects and institutions:

- Professor, researcher and member of the Pedagogical Board at Bau, Arts and Design University of Barcelona.

- Pedagogical advisor of Mercedes Boronat's educational programs. Teacher of Keep Moving Method by M.B. Performer.

- Co-creator and pedagogical advisor at Espai Aigua school and its Pedagogical Laboratory based on neurodivergences, gender perspective        and creativity in education.

- Pedagogical innovation consultant at Voramar school.

- Project manager and collaborator of educational and social projects such as ‘Criança Mútua’ by Mamalyona (ABD-BAU), CUEME (Diputació de     Barcelona), Tècniques creatives per créixer (Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down-BAU) LGTBI+ Pedagogical Innovation (ABD-BAU), Erasmus + Fashion for Inclusion.

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