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CREARE, Center for Educational and Creative Practices


CREARE is an holistic pedagogical support where creative processes become the centre of our teaching practices. 

   We understand creation as transformation, openness, interrelation, flexibility and the possibility of going further.
   We achieve it through practices involving movement, writing, colour, drawing, music, volume, image, design and space that are connected to         other disciplines of knowledge such as mathematics, language, technology or the natural and social sciences. 
   We prepare ourselves to keep the vital curiosity active in the learning processes in order to establish new relationships for new learning.
   We connect with our creative potentials to be able to connect with those of others through joy and play.

   We weave a community of creative and conscious pedagogical practices where thinking, feeling, action and communication are aligned.

The etymological origin of CREARE is to create, to raise, to grow, to make, to believe (crear, criar, crecer, hacer, crecer).


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